About Roselyn Brown

Musical Bio
Born of an artistic family, Roselyn started her musical studies at a very tender age. Formal lessons on the piano filled many of her childhood years. Middle school and high school provided the unique opportunity to learn and play several woodwind instruments, starting with the recorder and centering on the flute.

With high school graduation, the genuine desire to excel in musical performance flourished. Saxophone became the instrument of choice in order to compete with the "guys" and follow her love of Big Band music. Winning 1st place competitive honours, performance scholarships and bursaries allowed Roselyn to continue pursuit of her musical career in the midst of other higher academic studies.

After many years working with top musicians in the classical arena and local greats on the Toronto Jazz scene, Roselyn decided it was time to pursue her own solo Jazz career focussing on the key elements of rhythm, melody and 'smooth'. With these in mind, the journey towards completion of her debut CD was begun.

Spring 2008 has seen the release by Roselyn Brown of EMANCIPATION; a triumphant accomplishment; a musical journey reflecting the many joys and challenges of artistic life. It is said that this multi-talented vocal instrumentalist has the ability to reach right through to your soul. Experiencing her music can be "just what you need at the moment you need it!"

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